When Michelin Came Calling

When I was six years old, Michelin came calling.

It was for my father. Our family was living outside of Nashville, Tennessee and the idea of relocating for him to take a position, as Michelin was expanding in the Upstate of South Carolina, was an adventurous one.

At least for me.

I enjoyed the excitement of moving, the search for a new house, discovering new towns, meeting new people, and I didn’t even mind changing schools. But for others, including members of my family, moving can be heartbreaking, a chore and a lot of hard work. Yet, sometimes it is a necessary evil.

But not for me. I loved the move. And even with my new-found love of relocating, once we made our home in Spartanburg, we never moved again. I grew up there, left for college, had a short stint in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and returned to the Upstate in 1997.

A few years later, Michelin came calling.

This time it was for me. I accepted and enjoyed a position as a communications manager for the earthmover business unit. I had left a fast-paced real estate marketing career for the more stable corporate world of tire manufacturing. Now I know that doesn’t sound like an exciting career move, but I grew up in a Michelin home, with tires lining our garage, Mr. Bib Christmas parties at the local movie theater and sporting Michelin logo wear that my dad received as gifts. So now working at the North American Headquarters, it was familiar, natural… it was like home.

Then, Michelin came calling. This time for my husband, and another move was involved.

We found ourselves relocating our family to France for an expatriation. An international move with (again) lots of excitement — moving across the world, looking for an apartment, discovering new villages, meeting new people with various cultures and languages, and enrolling our three children in French and international schools.

Then in October of last year, Michelin called us home.

Back to Greenville South Carolina, to our friends, our family and our community.

I am thankful for Michelin and how it has continued to call my family across states and countries, and how it has provided for us in more ways than one. It has indirectly given me the desire to help others that are relocating and working to find and build a home in a place that is foreign to them. As others helped me and my family settle in a new place, I’m returning the favor in my own way as a realtor specializing in relocation.

So, if you need someone to help you or a friend start a new life here in Greenville, contact me. Because, as you know, I’m always looking forward to that call…



Lora Pfohl,   REALTOR® 


Your Advocate. Your Advisor. Your Ally.